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The Soulmates From Hell Podcast

Magda Gradowa

Hello, my lovely! My name is Magda. I have created this podcast for you so you can listen not because you need advice but because you want to know you are not the only one who got involved with a toxic partner. And that there's nothing wrong with you. Toxic relationships - Why are we attracted to those who are not good for us? Why is it so difficult to break up with a toxic partner? What is about them that we sacrifice our well-being and happiness for misery and mistreating? Why do we forgive the unforgivable? Who are Soulmates From Hell - Narcissists, Borderlines, F*ck Boys, Mr Breadcrumbs, Mr Controller, Mr Jealous Guy, Mr Double Standards, Mr Open, Mr PoorMe just to name a few...I will be sharing with you stories and thoughts on relationships and love to help you understand why you get involved with toxic partners and how to break the cycle of this self-destructive habit. Follow the podcast on Instagram: @soulmatesfromhell

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